Other ticketing

Hero Guarantee

All purchases on are backed by the Hero Guarantee which promises to do whatever it takes to get comparable tickets into the buyers hands,
no matter what the cost.

If comparable seats are not available on the secondary market and or the event is already in progress; 200% of the purchase price and 100% of documented travel related to attending the event will be provided.

Zero Buyer Fee

Every ticketing site either builds in a buyer fee to their price and says "no hidden fees" or they show a low price but then tack on a service buyer fee at the last moments of your check out. In either scenario you are paying 15-25% more than what the buyer has originally listed their ticket for. ZeroHero is the first site to charge no buyer fee on top of the seller's asking price, thus saving you the buyer 15-25% on every ticket bought.

How does ZeroHero make a profit?

We just charge a small fee to the seller and that's it.